Boldly Pursue with Caitlyn Scaggs

My Mission.

Too many people are living lives that feel lonely, insignificant, and saturated with stress. It is my goal to encourage others to grab onto life with both hands – fully owning who they were created to be.

Encouraging others to live a faith-shaped life is important to me – it is part of the call I feel on my life. I hope these articles inspire you!

I’m a regular on a regional morning show, Mornin’ Motivations. I love bringing good news to our community.

Each blog I write is authored with the goal of encouraging YOU toward courage, intention and gratitude.

Are you looking for encouragement you can hold in your hands? January 17 my book, “Worth it and Wonderful” publishes. You can pre-order now to ensure you get a copy ASAP.

My Latest Blog Posts

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There is a raging battle in the inches that exit between our ears. We must …
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I recently chose the word “release” as my word of the year but I’m wondering …

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