Intention Courage Gratitude

Intention. Courage. Gratitude.

Too many women are living lives that feel lonely, mediocre, cloaked in fear, and diluted by insecurity.

Boldly Pursue encourages women to embrace intention, courage, and gratitude within their lives. In doing so, they are prompted to fully embody who they are created to be.

I strive to normalize everyday struggles, seek joy in the ordinary, and offer reframing perspective for the ebbs and flows of life.

So how about it, will you join me in the bold pursuit of all we were created to be?

I’d love to encourage you each and every week! Please subscribe to my blog.

Caitlyn Scaggs and Kimberly McBroom (WDBJ7) Mornin Motivations segment

Twice-Monthly I join the WDBJ7 team for Mornin’ Motivations! Our goal is to leave viewers encouraged to live lives marked by intention and gratitude.

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