Courage. Gratitude. Joy.

I am on a mission to encourage those around me to live with more courage, gratitude, and joy! I accomplish this through the blogs I write, media features, and writing faith-shaped articles. My goal is to create a community of people that are committed to living wholehearted and vibrant lives.

My Book Has Launched!

I recently joined Cornerstone TV for their flagship program, Hope Today. We talked about rescue, freedom, and joyful living. I hope this segment is an encouragement to you today – no mater who you are and where you find yourself in this moment.

Faith Feature: “Transformational Joy”

Learn how you can cartwheel without fear or apprehension of what our turbulent world may hold.

Media Feature: Reframing Responsibilities

Do you have to or do you get to? In this recent media segment we discussed how mindset matters when it comes to tackling responsibilities. Often the chore represents a blessing.