Mornin’ Motivations

The Mornin’ Motivations segment is my opportunity to join my friends at WDBJ7 in Roanoke, Virginia to bring viewers ideas, information, and tips for purpose-driven living. I love being a media personality that shares inspirational and encouraging messages!

Reframing Responsibilities

Do you “have to” or do you “get to”? Our chores and responsibilities often represent our blessings – are you willing to see it that way? <WATCH>

Chasing Big Dreams!

How do you actually pursue a big dream? How do you stay committed when things get hard? This is exactly what Kimberly and I discussed on this episode – which included a big announcement! <WATCH>

Adults need to play, too!

Play is not just for kids! It is important for play to be something that we all do, across all stages of life. <WATCH>

Create Conditions for Success

Sometimes our bad attitude is not really the issue but rather the lack of conditions to succeed. We examined how you can tell the difference and why a simple solution may be within reach. <WATCH>

Dare to Be Ambitious

It’s easy to be comfortable in your life and your normal routine. Breaking out of that to do what you’ve always dreamed of doing takes a lot of courage.The world needs people who will dare to be ambitious! <WATCH>

Embrace Courageous Living

Courageous living can be something as simple as trying a new hobby or skill. It welcomes innovation, great ideas, and a positive path forward! . <WATCH>