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Create Conditions for Success

Sometimes a problem can be resolved with a tool or resource. The issue isn’t “us” it is lacking the conditions needed to succeed!

"Harvest" by Senta Lauren Art

Dare to be Ambitious.

Do you have a big dream that you’ve been swirling around in your mind? Consider if now is the time to dare to be ambitious.

Life After Law Enforcement

14 years ago I graduated from Police Academy! Reflecting on the journey reminds me that there is a plan and purpose for each of us.

Pursue Courageous Living.

Do not let fear take one more inch as you journey through life. Intentionally push back and boldly pursue courageous living!

Sunrise on Hilton Head Island

Look Up!

Oversaturated schedules & being swallowed by busyness can get in the way of living with vision. Don’t forget to keep your eyes on impact.

Lessons Learned from a 16-Hour Road Trip

How can you set yourself up for summer road trip success? Learn from my recent 16-hour road trip to Maine! These lessons also apply to so much more than roadtrips…

Looking for something specific?

An Intentionally Sweet Summertime

Set yourself up for an intentionally sweet summertime by brainstorming big ideas, getting basic supplies on hand, and setting boundaries!

14 Flavors of My Life (The Impact of Educators)

20 years later the impact of an educator hit me so clearly! I realized where my love for writing was nurtured and who I have to thank. I’m curious who has impacted you in this way?

Banner from Take Back the Night Radford University

“I don’t feel alone anymore.”

Reflections from a recent keynote address at a Take Back the Night Event. In community we create connections that lead to pathways for healing.

Reading with New Hope Girls Caitlyn Scaggs

One Heart, Two Places.

Glimpses and memories from a recent trip to New Hope Girls in the Dominican Republic. A trip washed with deep love and profound moments.

10 Episodes of Mornin’ Motivations!

This is the story behind Mornin’ Motivations as we celebrate completing 10 episodes! Learn the details of how it started & what we’ve covered!

Busy is Not Better: Slow Down

We live in a culture that is chronically busy, hustling, & grinding. I argue though, busy is not better. It is time to slow down.