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Is the Tooth Fairy real?

Is the Tooth Fairy real? What a question! The answer involves the magic of motherhood and the depths of our love as parents.

A Favorite Mistake

How can you not only accept your mistakes but CELEBRATE your mistakes? My child’s 5th grade teacher taught me lesson in exactly that!

People ARE the Adventure.

This world has no shortage of interesting and beautiful people – will you take the time to notice and affirm the importance of others?

My BOOK is being published!

My book, Worth it and Wonderful, will be published January 17, 2022 and is available for pre-order now.

Bubbles & Being Known

It feels so good to be known, doesn’t it? To be seen and noticed. A recent experience at New Hope Girls helped me realize this afresh.

The Oyster Experience

When adventure calls, will you say yes? This story about trying a raw oyster for the first time explores how we can grab onto life with both hands!

Looking for something specific?

Create Conditions for Success

Sometimes a problem can be resolved with a tool or resource. The issue isn’t “us” it is lacking the conditions needed to succeed!

"Harvest" by Senta Lauren Art

Dare to be Ambitious.

Do you have a big dream that you’ve been swirling around in your mind? Consider if now is the time to dare to be ambitious.

Life After Law Enforcement

14 years ago I graduated from Police Academy! Reflecting on the journey reminds me that there is a plan and purpose for each of us.

Pursue Courageous Living.

Do not let fear take one more inch as you journey through life. Intentionally push back and boldly pursue courageous living!

Sunrise on Hilton Head Island

Look Up!

Oversaturated schedules & being swallowed by busyness can get in the way of living with vision. Don’t forget to keep your eyes on impact.