Intentional Living

A Purpose Driven Gift Guide

You’ll likely be buying gifts for the many special people in your life – friends, family, and coworkers. I’d love to help jumpstart your gift giving by sharing some of my favorite brands and products that will also allow you to “give back” while you buy. Bella Tunno, Sackcloth + Ashes, goodMRKT, New Hope Girls, and Sela Designs. Five brands you can shop to give gifts + give back!

Parenting + Family

Bittersweet Like a Blackberry

We are all messy. Each and every one of us. While my chosen paradigm is one that chooses to look past the thorns to celebrate the berry, there is also a need to acknowledge our challenges, hurts, frustrations and hang ups. Owning our humanity can be incredibly humbling but there is also a beautiful freedom in owning the reality that we do not have it all together. There is a blackberry bittersweetness to our humanity.