Worth it and Wonderful

“In this confident debut, Scaggs empowers women to love themselves through God. Believers will find inspiration in this appealing entry.” Publishers Weekly

My book is a joyful exploration of how to live with purpose and fulfillment. When you read my book I want it to feel like a conversation you’d have with a friend over coffee. Honest, real, uplifting and personal. I want you to hear my voice urging you forward to grab onto every bit of who you were created to be.

“Caitlyn reminds us that our struggle, pain, and mess live in the same place as our joy, victory, and abundance. She helps us sit in the tension and accept our wholeness.”

Joy Reyes, Founder & Executive Manager of New Hope Girls

Not only is Worth It & Wonderful great for individuals, but it is also a wonderful option for Book Clubs, Growth Groups, and Small Groups. You can download this free PDF guide to help facilitate a meaningful and rich time of discussion amongst your group!

“This book will bless you! We live in a culture where women are being lied to about who they are and who they belong to. Worth It and Wonderful is Caitlyn Scaggs’ way of saying ‘Enough is enough! It’s time to live boldly for Jesus and take back what the enemy has stolen!”

Melissa Gaona, Anchor and Multi-Media Journalist

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Inspiring and Beautiful! Caitlyn Scaggs has written a book that delves into the heart of many women. She discusses finding the beauty in balancing ones potential, while also staying Christ centered. I truly appreciate her raw emotions and heartfelt dialogue on topics such as being broken but also whole, lovely but also fierce, and adventurous but also wise. The book also includes thoughtful discussion points to reflect on after each chapter, including the glory God can bring to your situations. Worth It and Wonderful is a great book to read independently, or as part of a Bible Study. Caitlyn is truly inspiring and has blessed many people with the power of her writing!
Worth It and Wonderful is an inspiring book. Worth It and Wonderful is an inspiring book of encouragement for women of all walks of life. Caitlyn’s ultimate message is to remind us we are “worth it and wonderful” simply because we are created in the image of God. She shares her own life struggles and triumphs to offer honest and insightful support to women in their daily life journey. With a strong Christian faith, Caitlyn’s book reminds us of the importance of grace and forgiveness in our relationships with friends and family. Worth It and Wonderful is well-written and an easy read that encourages women to find their own path in building a meaningful life.
Logan Brooke
Caitlyn inspires you to live up to your potential Grab the book and a box of Kleenex and start reading. Get ready to be inspired!
Powerful and Inspiring – A must read for women! From the very first page, Caitlyn’s storytelling had me hooked. She effortlessly weaves her own personal experiences into powerful narratives that leave a lasting impact. Her genuine enthusiasm and unwavering belief in the power of every woman shine through every chapter, making it impossible not to feel inspired. It will leave you feeling motivated, uplifted, and ready to embark on your own bold journey. Don’t hesitate —grab a copy today!
Amazon Customer
Read it and gift to your friends! This book is exactly what I needed as a working mom of 4 trying to balance all the ambitions of motherhood and the workforce. Life is hard!! We want to make the best choices and fear the repercussions of imperfection. Worth and wonderful gave me the insight through the authors own down-to-earth approach, to understand that I can fulfill God’s purpose for my life and thrive in the balance. This book will give a totally renewed outlook. One that you will be compelled to share!
Amazon Customer
Complexity Simplified! In her newest book, Worth It and Wonderful, Caitlyn Scaggs has simplified the complex and seemingly competing aspects of life in a great written work…one from which we can all understand and gain encouragement. She weaves her own journey of discovery into valuable nuggets…”Wisdom equips adventure and adventure can produce wisdom”. This is a read for both women and men that will encourage your own journey to know how very Worth It and Wonderful you are.
This book is wonderful and worth it! This book was the emotional boost I needed after the pandemic. Even though life is as crazy as it ever was, I feel more grounded and hopeful after reading it. Thank you Caitlyn for helping me to see where to look for encouragement, answers and support for all aspects of my life.
Cynthia Rancourt
Reading this is definitely a gift to yourself! Are you all that you could be or should be? Life can get in the way of discovering this over and over again!! No matter what age! Do yourself a huge favor and read and digest Caitlyn Scagg’s book, “Worth It and Wonderful”. She will be your cheerleader and encourager through each chapter! Do this for yourself; you are worth it! Or buy it for someone else you think would love this incredible opportunity to discover more about how worth it and wonderful they have been created for!
Nicole Cleveland
Relatable and encouraging LOVED this book! Read it with a group of women who became friends bonding over this book. Thought provoking Questions at the end of each chapter as well as action items are a wonderful touch to promote action for positive change.
Amazon Customer
Keep this book close by! A book that will forever stay close by-whether that’s a coffee table or night stand. A book I want every friend of mine to read—but they can’t have my copy because I’ll never know when I might need it. I can pick it up and start a chapter in different seasons of life. This book doesn’t try to recreate the wheel by suggesting some outlandish ideas; instead it meets us where we’re at and shows how we’re able to walk with Him more than ever. I read this book and felt like I have succeeded in so many way, yet also have things to work on. The book is motivating and truly inspires me to believe that I am worth it and wonderful!

“While her tone is relentlessly encouraging, Scaggs’s candidness about the challenges of living in a society that often constrains women’s identities adds a sense of real utility to the advice.” – Publishers Weekly