Worth it and Wonderful

“In this confident debut, Scaggs empowers women to love themselves through God. Believers will find inspiration in this appealing entry.” Publishers Weekly

My book is a joyful exploration of how to live with purpose and fulfillment. When you read my book I want it to feel like a conversation you’d have with a friend over coffee. Honest, real, uplifting and personal. I want you to hear my voice urging you forward to grab onto every bit of who you were created to be.

I wrote my book because I believe that you truly are worth it and you truly are wonderful – and I sincerely want you to believe it too.

“Caitlyn reminds us that our struggle, pain, and mess live in the same place as our joy, victory, and abundance. She helps us sit in the tension and accept our wholeness.”

Joy Reyes, Founder & Executive Manager of New Hope Girls

“This book will bless you! We live in a culture where women are being lied to about who they are and who they belong to. Worth It and Wonderful is Caitlyn Scaggs’ way of saying ‘Enough is enough! It’s time to live boldly for Jesus and take back what the enemy has stolen!”

Melissa Gaona, Anchor and Multi-Media Journalist

“While her tone is relentlessly encouraging, Scaggs’s candidness about the challenges of living in a society that often constrains women’s identities adds a sense of real utility to the advice.” – Publishers Weekly