Hiding in Plain Sight.

When I go running I find that the mental cobwebs shake loose and all of a sudden I step into clarity that was lacking only moments prior.

That happened to me recently. It was a warm day, I was running on one of my favorite paths, and the sky was strikingly blue. Although it was a picturesque day, I found myself moving along with an ever present feeling of frustration. My thoughts were fuzzy and I just felt impatient. I regularly fight creative tension where I can sense I’m on the cusp of solving a problem but not quite there yet. This was one such moment.

Then, I looked down and saw my shoes rhythmically hitting the pavement. At that moment, I was reminded that one-year prior I was not able to run because I was recovering from a surgery to remove a benign tumor in my heel bone. For all the medical professionals out there,  it was an intraosseous lipoma of the calcaneal. This is an extremely rare condition and we were fortunate we found it before my foot spontaneously broke – it was big.

intraosseous lipoma of the calcaneal
Yikes! This was my foot just over 1 year ago!

The discovery of the tumor, surgery and recovery were all really challenging for me on a number of levels but one was because of my deep love for running. Running is how I process, decompress and stay well. For over six months, I was unable to run and for portions of that time I could not walk either. 

Immediately following surgery, I was humbled by the need to use a knee scooter to get around. I also had to regularly ask for and receive help (two things I’m not good at!). There were moments of intense frustration where I wanted to put on my running shoes and escape on the Huckleberry Trail – but I couldn’t. I was asked to wait, be patient and heal. 

And one year later, I am running with no issues. My feet are striking the pavement with no pain.

The blessing was hiding in plain sight and I nearly missed it.

How often is that the case? We walk by our blessings – see them, smell them, feel them, hear them – but never let the reality of what they represent wash over us?

The rest of my run was an opportunity to refocus on the other blessings that I’m passing by without fully acknowledging. The simple things.

Now is your turn to reflect. Stop what you are doing and welcome a deep breath into your lungs. Look around you at the details that affirm the blessings in your life.

Your child laughing.

Your spouse cleaning up the house.

The car you drove to work.

The job you have.

The meal on your table.

Look beyond the surface to the bigger story that these blessings reveal. Prayers answered. Perseverance that paid off. Hope and healing. Remember – I thought I was out on just another run and failed to see that the very act of my body moving was a reminder that I have been through challenges and that I am an overcomer. 

Your blessings reveal your bigger story of redemption, persistence and resilience. Don’t let the underlying meaning and source of your blessings get lost. 

Open your eyes to what is hiding in plain sight.

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  1. Cynthia Rancourt Avatar
    Cynthia Rancourt

    Covid has definitely had an impact on my active always on the go life. The hidden blessing has been getting to know my neighbors who have been right here all along! I am blessed!

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