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Taking Care of “Future-Me”

I recently set out on a quest to make homemade tomato soup. 

When I say “homemade” I mean – fresh tomatoes that I peeled, cooked low and slow much of the day, added cream and cheeses, and pureed into a deliciously fresh bowl of happy. That’s what I mean when I say it was a quest – a culinary journey.

Soup season is in full swing here in Southwest Virginia and I knew that my lunches would be fantastic if I took the time and effort to make something so vibrant and tasty.

The next day, as I sat down to enjoy a bowl, I posted a picture to Instagram in a cheeky little way.  My caption was, “Yesterday-me made tomato soup from scratch. Today-me is grateful for it.”

A little while later one of my Insta-friends, @kyleecooks commented, “I love taking care of future-me!!” in response to my story. Reading her comment made me so happy! She is right! We give ourselves an enormous gift when “today-us” takes care of “future-us.” I felt that gift when I warmed up my lunch and knew an immense amount of thoughtfulness and care was infused in my meal.

instagram story post of fresh tomatoes with comment from friend that says "I love taking care of future me!!"

In this instance, a comforting bowl of soup was the small but meaningful step I took to care for myself. I intentionally met a basic need with excellence. There are so many ways we can set ourselves up for future success by the way we love ourselves in the present.

We often let the riptide of the here and now sweep us far from shore, which leaves us feeling helpless, overwhelmed, and like we are drowning in our days. Pause and take time to craft your list of the ways you can take good care of yourself in the present, so that in the days to come you will feel well cared for. 

Delight Yourself in the Days to Come

It actually reminds me of when I leave notes in my kids’ lunchboxes. I know that sometime later there is going to be a moment of delight as they unzip their dino and polka dotted bags and find my affirmation of love. How can you do this for yourself? How can you purposely leave yourself affirmations of love that will delight you in the days to come?

For you it might be…. 

I challenge you to identify two ways that today-you will care for future-you well. You are worth caring for, loving-well, and nurturing.  And if your self-love also involves a warm bowl of happy soup – make sure to share a photo, share the recipe, and tag me 🙂

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  1. Peggy Avatar

    Love this! (Taking care of future me). I am constantly reminded by a healthcare friend to take care of “me”. These are some great ideas for me to do just that.

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