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I woke up in Southwest Virginia and will be going to bed against the backdrop of the infamous Hollywood sign. Wow – is this really happening? It is an immense honor to represent WFXR and Southwest Virginia as a “Remarkable Woman.” 

I received this recognition from our local news station WFXR as part of a national Remarkable Women program hosted by their parent company, Nexstar Media Group. I was nominated by my dad and one of my dearest friends (Hi, Brittany!) and am so grateful for their sweet words and support for me. Maybe at some point I’ll be able to watch the video announcing the award without crying – but today is not that day. Yes, it is that special!

One aspect of this award is a trip to LA to join other regional winners for a time of celebration and so one winner can be selected as the National Remarkable Woman for 2023. From April 2-4 I’ll be surrounded by game changers, over-comers, and achievers! I can’t wait to learn more about their stories and areas of impact – it is going to undoubtedly be inspiring.

This humbling recognition got me thinking about the word remarkable…and what makes something or someone deserving of that adjective. How do you get to the place of remarkable living?

Well first, you don’t do it alone. As I reflect on my journey I know that I am flanked on all sides by kind, loving, supportive and fun people. Together, we rise! We were made for community and to sharpen each other. As I swirl on all this award means I keep coming back to the reality that it is never just about us – there is a bigger and more beautiful purpose behind every challenge, struggle, success and victory. Together we are remarkable.

You also don’t achieve anything remarkable over night. Did you know that from the time I came up with my book concept to the time I held it in my hands it was 4 full years? Those years were full of rejections and roadblocks that were met with persistence. That is one of many examples I could give of having to “hang in there” because a big goal was slow in coming to fruition.When I consider my career trajectory I realize my ability to persevere has been a critical component to my overall success. The best things in life can’t be hurried. Remarkable things take time.

Intention is another ingredient in the recipe for remarkable things. One of my LinkedIn connections reminded me.of this reality, when offering his congratulations on the award. Yes he is right. Being faithful with the things we hold in our hand today, and dreaming with purpose about tomorrow both matter. 

When thinking about this tremendous honor, and all it represents, the most remarkable thing of all of this is how God has made so much sense of me. A cop turned marketing professional who later became an entrepreneur and then sold a business and become a University AVP and spokesperson. Someone who survived melanoma while pregnant. A woman who wakes up each day to encourage others and it open to what that can mean and how that can look. He has made beautiful things from my messiness. He is remarkable.

It is my sincere prayer that as I head to LA to celebrate, and soak up all that is remarkable, I never forget that my mission is a Matthew 5 kind of mission. To let every bit of goodness be a reflection of God’s glory.

In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.

Matthew 5:16

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