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Parenting + Family

Chasing Curiosity

Why? Three letters that form my favorite question. I love asking why! Not to be obstinate or needling but to genuinely understand. When my curiosity is satisfied and I understand the inner workings of people, processes, or phenomena I find I’m able to be more effective, thorough or helpful. All pragmatics aside, understanding why also …

Intentional Living

New Year. Same Me.

There is no need to completely revisit who you are as one calendar year changes to the next. Focus on new perspective, energy, and goals but enjoy being the “same you.”

Intentional Living

EMBRACE: My word for 2022

Establishing a word for the year is something I began a few years ago. I’ve never been big on resolutions but I do love setting my intentions for the year. Rather than making narrowly defined goals, I like to establish a feel and vision for what the new year and I wrap up that intent in one word.

Intentional Living

A Purpose Driven Gift Guide

You’ll likely be buying gifts for the many special people in your life – friends, family, and coworkers. I’d love to help jumpstart your gift giving by sharing some of my favorite brands and products that will also allow you to “give back” while you buy. Bella Tunno, Sackcloth + Ashes, goodMRKT, New Hope Girls, and Sela Designs. Five brands you can shop to give gifts + give back!

Intentional Living

Grow in Gratitude.

We owe it to ourselves to insert a well-placed pause in our lives that is fully dedicated to gratitude. In that quiet space we’ll find our resolve renewed and our hearts refreshed.

speed bump in road
Intentional Living

My Speed Bump.

Talking about our “tough stuff” is a courageous act that will help others rise. This is the story of my recently acquired “speed bump.”

Intentional Living

When it hurts.

The aches and pains of humanity are abounding. Tragedies are occurring in the lives of individuals but are also happening on national and global scales. There is plenty of sadness swirling and heartache seems to be lurking just around the corner. So what can you do? Start by allowing yourself to feel it.  As I …