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Benefits of Educating at Home {Video Feature}

While many of us have now concluded the formal school year and may be deep in the throes of summer vacation, there is the lingering reality of how the return to school in the fall will not be conventional. As we all prepare for an evolving new normal and the reality of a requirement to take a more direct role in our children’s education we can ready our minds and frame our perspectives for what might be needed from us.

Recently, I was able to contribute to a video series produced by Learning Success in response to Covid-19 and its impact on education. This company, dedicated to helping children overcome learning difficulties, made a commitment to support a positive path forward for parents. In their video series they sought input from a variety of experts, parents and leaders on the unexpected benefits of educating from home. Samantha, the Learning Success video host framed it well by stating,  “We want you to notice positive changes that may be happening!”

Within my brief video I focused on just a few of the many positive outcomes we’ve had as we adjusted to a learn-from-home reality. Here are the highlights!

One of the best outcomes of learning at home together has been my ability to maximize on learning moments with my kids! When I see them start to grasp a concept I don’t have to move on and do something else — I can stay in the moment to enrich their interest and fuel the learning explosion. I’m able to be agile to what is working and have a deeper understanding of what techniques are most effective in helping my children learn. 

Additionally, there have been so many opportunities for them to learn beyond the confines of a classroom. For example, my little girl learned how to bake my favorite muffin recipe with me! In that interaction she learned life skills about kitchen safety, measurements, and the science of cooking. We also simply enjoyed a special mother-daughter moment together. Learning has happened far beyond worksheets and planned curriculum. 

Perhaps most importantly, we have genuinely enjoyed being together! It is about doing life together. The positive outcomes we have experienced as we have grown closer in our relationships are a true blessing we will be able to celebrate for years to come. When Covid-19 prompted the need to work from home while teaching my children I made a firm mental commitment to make it one of the sweetest times in our lives. That commitment was maintained and our love and appreciation for each other is stronger than ever! 

Not only do I encourage you to watch my video feature and consider how your perspective can shift, I also encourage you to view the several other contributions from other parents, leaders and professionals who have ideas on how to maximize at-home learning. 

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