Is it too late to dream big?

Too late to be a talk show host?

Is it too late to be a talk show host? I’m asking for a friend.

Okay… I am that friend!

In all seriousness, I recently had the opportunity to conduct a series of interview-based videos for my job. The goal was to share practical information while also showing the warmth and supportive nature of our University. This was something I had never done before but I was ready for the challenge!

Surprise, surprise — I found I loved it!

When reflecting on the fun of this experience I realized part of the reason it was so enjoyable is because it simply asked me to be present, focused and curious about another person and their reality.

I sat and actively listened to my interview subject intently. I found the videos that had the most natural flow were those in which we lost ourselves in the conversation.

It was also fun to help the other person feel more relaxed on camera. As someone who provides media interviews regularly, I can forget that appearing on camera is highly unnerving for many people. Coaching them through the experience, with the support from our amazing video team, led to a great experience for all. And, the final outcome was wonderful! Certainly, that credit goes to the production team who edited multiple vantage points into one cohesive and professional video.

After the videos were produced and shared I found the following note in my inbox:

Hi Caitlyn — You did a fabulous job conducting these interviews!!! You might have missed your calling to be a talk show host! Great work!

Reading this email left me feeling grateful for the generous compliment and smiling as I reflected on the success of the project. It also prompted me to wonder — is it ever too late to have a big and bold dream?

Since the production of these videos I have half-jokingly shared that I want to be a talk show host. And yes, it is largely in jest but the reality is I truly loved the experience and want to figure out what it looks like to grow more in this area. Perhaps it is more video projects at work that follow this format! Or, could it maybe be that someday I have my own talk show?

As soon as I typed the above words out I started with the self-defeating inner-narrative of, “Who are you to think you are to have your own talk show….” Yuck. I hate that I do that to myself and if I had to guess, you probably do it to yourself too. Let’s stop that. Let’s dream big, bold and beautiful dreams that know no boundaries. Let’s allow our minds to race and wonder “what if,” without the restraint of self-doubt.

Here’s what I do know. Whether I have a talk show someday or not, this experience and the energy it produced in me is affirmation that I am working within my passion and love what I do! It is also clarifying as I consider how I want to continue to grow as a professional in this role and beyond! 

My hope for you is that you are willing to dream wild, unrestrained dreams that push the boundaries for what you think may be possible! 

Is it too late to be a talk show host? I hope not!

5 responses to “Too late to be a talk show host?”

  1. Brian Avatar

    Great job! Follow your dreams…big or small!

    1. Caitlyn Scaggs Avatar

      With great support and encouragement I know it is possible! Thanks for the feedback!

  2. Tom England Avatar

    Perhaps you want to consider joining Bob Goff’s next “Dream Big” session!? It is designed exactly for those of us who are dreaming big, but need some structure and swift kick to start making progress on that dream. Great post Caitlyn!

    1. Caitlyn Scaggs Avatar

      Thanks so much, Tom! I’m thankful to be connected to someone like you — another big dreamer!

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