Grounded in Coffee

It’s 5:30 am. I have tip toed downstairs in order to have quiet time to write and reflect before the day gets started.

As I sit here, in between key strikes, I sip my warm, calming, and welcoming drink crafted from the most magical beans: coffee.

Last week, I asked my Instagram friends what one word they would use to describe coffee. I did it largely to provide myself with a chuckle later in the day, fully expecting responses dripping in hyperbole. There were multiple submissions of “heaven” and one of “magical” but it was the submission of “grounding” that made me pause and think.

Coffee really is fantastic. I enjoy the taste – I take mine with a splash of cream and a serving of sweetener – but I think I enjoy what coffee does for me even more. It is grounding. Almost like an adult comfort-blanket as I start my day. Coffee provides a rhythm and familiar friend with which I get to greet my days.

What is grounding, anyways?

Reading the word “grounding” sent me down a rabbit trail exploration of what this word means. I found an online thread of people discussing the topic of grounding – what it is and options for how to achieve it. The consistent theme throughout the thread is that grounding brings us fully to the present. There are suggestions to engage the five senses in different ways to bring about a fully aware feeling. There were a wide variety of ideas from meditating to a hot shower, walking in the grass barefoot to experiencing a comforting smell. Many great ideas for each person to consider and try. As I read through the list I realized: This is really important for all of us. 

To be our best selves we need to regularly re-center. When the stresses of life, to include pandemic-cloaked days, start to get the best of us there has to be a way to reset ourselves. The dings, chirps, and alerts from technology can make our minds and attention feel fractured. For me, a warm cup of coffee is an opportunity to find my way back. It is also when I breath slowly, prepare for my day, and pray. As the day unfolds there are times I find myself craving another cup of coffee and I wonder – is it the coffee I crave or the grounding qualities it produces?

More than Coffee…

All this reflection is making me consider what other grounding techniques I use in my daily living. I thought about how I might be more intentional with grounding in my life, especially as I enter a season of major transition. Running is also a grounding technique for me – it is rhythmic, clears my mind, and allows me to be fully in my own head. Fuzzy socks are also a favorite grounding accessory. They are comforting and familiar. Kicking my heels off at the end of the day and slipping into my socks signals it is time to relax and just be me

If your day starts to spiral or you feel like you have a front row seat on the struggle bus, I encourage you to tap into a grounding technique. Figure out what will ground you and make you feel most connected to your true self again. How can you intentionally come back to the center and be fully present? Running – fuzzy socks – prayer – meditation – time in nature – journaling – the options really are endless but might I recommend a warm cup of coffee?

PS – Can you guess which amazing friend shared the feedback of “grounding”? It was none other than Joy Reyes! Love you + our friendship, Joy!

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