A Purpose Driven Gift Guide

The holidays are coming – are you ready? For some of you, they might already be here! Your tree may already be up in your living room and your favorite Christmas songs may already be delighting your ear drums. No judgment here! The holidays are such a magical, beautiful, and special time of year. I’m wondering if this year you might intentionally seek to make your season “purposeful” too! 

You’ll likely be buying gifts for the many special people in your life – friends, family, and coworkers. I’d love to help jumpstart your giving by sharing a gift guide featuring some of my favorite brands and products that will also allow you to “give back” while you buy. 

Bella Tunno: Baby Accessories with sleek designs and cheeky sayings.
Give Back Component: Buy one, give one meal to a child in need
Bella Tunno products with toddlers

These baby accessories are IT! Adorable, easy to clean, and complete with funny little sayings that will put a smile on your face. They meet a functional need – between the cups, plates, teethers, and bibs – but do so in such an enjoyable way. There is a bigger story here though!

Michelle Tunno Buelow founded the company after experiencing a significant personal tragedy. She was adamant that she was going to use her pain for purpose and launched Bella Tunno as a way to make this world a brighter place and to fight back against some of the big and heavy problems we face as a society. For every baby accessory you buy, one meal is donated to a child facing hunger. To date, Bella Tunno has donated over 7 million meals!!!!! The number is growing and this holiday season you have an opportunity to contribute to that impressive, impactful, and powerful total. Give the gift of Bella Tunno and give a meal to a deserving child in-need.

My favorite product: It is hard to pick, and admittedly, I’m no longer in the “baby season” BUT my favorite is the “Put me in coach” bib.

New Hope Girls: Beautiful bags that fight for girls and empower women
Give Back Component: Proceeds fuel anti-trafficking work and create transformational job opportunities

You know I have to mention New Hope Girls in any purpose-driven gift guide! If you’ve been hanging around my blog any length of time you know that my love for New Hope is personal – really personal! As their Executive Manager, I get a front row seat of the impact. The bags that New Hope Girls sells are all made by artisans who want to provide for their families in safe and healthy ways. The work of their hands also helps fund our rescue work. It is a strategic way to use business for good and to break generational cycles of exploitation and abuse. When you carry a New Hope Girls bag with you, you carry our story of rescue, refuge, and restoration!

Favorite Product: I LOVE our Travel Totes – so many pockets, zippers, and a trolley sleeve. Include a pouch to make it a cute set!

Sela Designs: Gorgeous jewelry that embodies radical generosity
Give Back Component: 100% of profits are given to charity
wearing Sela Design earrings

I stumbled upon Sela Designs on Instagram and am so glad I did! The owner, Ashleigh, makes gorgeous jewelry and donates 100% of the profits made to charities. Many of the selected charities are anti-trafficking and she is very transparent about where she gives and the amounts she is able to give. I love that following her on Instagram includes getting regular updates about impact. She also shares great ethical fashion tips, outfit ideas, and of course, lots of lovely jewelry! I own multiple pairs of her earrings and regularly get compliments on them. Ashleigh is also a small business owner, so there are a number of benefits to purchasing her beautiful products this holiday season!

Favorite Product: My Ivory Vera Earrings are my current go-to (pictured above)! Cute and lightweight, they generate lots of compliments, too.

Sackcloth + Ashes: Stunning blankets made with an authentic story
Give Back Component: Buy one, give one blanket to your local homeless shelter

The beauty of a Sackcloth + Ashes blanket can only be outdone by the beauty of the hearts backing this brand! Their blankets are manufactured in Italy and the United States and are made from 100% recycled materials. The founder of Sackcloth + Ashes, Bob Dalton, began the company after his mother experienced homelessness in 2013. As he called homeless shelters to determine their biggest needs, he consistently learned it was blankets. He used this experience as a launching pad for his purpose-driven business and donates a blanket to a homeless shelter for every blanket sold. The donation is localized to the community from which the blanket is bought, which helps you impact your local community through your purchase. Sackcloth + Ashes has a goal of donating 1 million blankets by 2024 and this holiday season you can help them take additional steps toward that goal!

My favorite product: I have a blanket from the Heritage collection and it is the blanket my kids compete for when they snuggle up on our couch. Suffice it to say, it is a family favorite!

Happiness Project: Comfortable clothing that raises mental health awareness
Give Back Component: 15% of profits are donated to Mental Health Research 

I knew I had to feature Happiness Project in this gift guide! Oh, how I love my Happiness Project hoodie! Their logo is whimsy, fun, and puts a smile on my face. So too does the heart of their brand – a mission to support mental health research and awareness. A group of friends came together after they lost a classmate and dear friend to mental illness. They are committed to fight for those who are still battling it by raising awareness and resources to support research efforts.

If you are planning to buy comfy clothes for someone you love, I suggest you opt for one of their hoodies, t-shirts, or hats. In doing so, you are supporting their mission to, “elevate happiness throughout the world, while supporting those impacted by mental health issues.”

Favorite Product: I love what I’ve got – their “Basic Hoodie” in a cream color. It is a spacious/comfy hoodie. I’m pictured in their Size Small.

goodMRKT: A collection of brands that are all doing GOOD!
Give Back Component: Varied and “something for everyone”

goodMRKT is a place for you to go and explore the good you can do, when you shop with purpose. They have two brick and mortar stores (Fort Wayne, Indiana and SoHo) but you can shop with them 24/7 online. I love that online shopping allows you to sort by cause – you can purposely and easily choose products that align with your heart and personal mission for good. New Hope Girls, Bella Tunno, Happiness Project, and Sackcloth + Ashes are all featured goodMRKT brands. Some others you’ve got to check out are Village Thrive, Kaan’s Design, and Mud Love. I’ve been so fortunate to meet incredible people, who are making incredible impacts, through this collective. I hope you’ll take time to browse and consider all the many opportunities you have for good.

Favorite Product: Impossible to pick! But fun fact: New Hope Girls and goodMRKT have a collaborative bag! How cool is that!?

A little note about this list: I love these brands and am friends with many of the people associated with these brands. However, this gift guide is entirely curated by me – if you go and buy from them I get no kickbacks. My only “dog in the fight” is a deep desire to support people who are making a big and beautiful impact on our world.

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