New Year. Same Me.

If only you had a dollar for every time you saw those words, “New Year. New You” in an advertisement, social media graphic, or hashtag, your year would start out in a financially prosperous way! It is a cliche saying and one I don’t particularly love.

The New Year does not wipe your slate completely clean and zero out balances entirely. And I’m glad it doesn’t! The suggestion that you need to completely refresh who you are makes me a bit sad. Can you celebrate the New Year but also delight in the Same You, instead?

Don’t get me wrong! I am all for welcoming a New Year and using it as an opportunity to reframe and refresh. I love establishing a word of the year and I do think there are “new” things we can welcome as the calendar changes from 11:59 of one year to 12:00 of another.

New Perspective

Reflecting on another full trip around the sun brings about an opportunity of clarity. As a full calendar year turns, it offers the ability to identify patterns, habits, and areas of opportunity. The beauty of the holiday season is that it simultaneously invites us into a place of pause and reflection. I hope as you step into 2022 you have a “New Year. New Perspective” approach. Within that approach, make space to celebrate how amazing you are. This last year was easy for nobody – and yet, you did it!

New Goals

With new perspective comes the opportunity to identify new growth areas – new goals. One that I am working on this year is to better plan and prepare meals for my family. Since I work mostly from home now, I am well-suited to make this goal a reality. It isn’t so much a “resolution” but a direction I’m taking measured steps to pursue. I’m thinking, planning, reflecting and considering how to set myself up for success this year. I looked back on 2021 and realized I could be doing better in this area and family meals really matter to me. What is a goal you can thoughtfully set and intentionally pursue? Not a short-term resolution or over-ambitious commitment. I’m talk about a healthy and balanced goal to better yourself in the coming days. New Year. New Goal.

New Energy

Making it another full year, and resting around the Christmas holiday, has provided me with new energy. I hope the same is true for you! The well-planned pause of time off from work, visits with those I love most, and extra sleep has left me feeling recharged for all that 2022 holds. I considered all that I have to be thankful for and the blessings that surround me. Gratitude gives me a burst of energy and the fuel to keep moving. I hope that you will hold space for rest and reflection as we move into 2022. In doing so, I think you’ll be delighted to find new energy in the New Year!

Same Me

In 2022 I have the opportunity to be the same me but show up just a little bit better this year. Not better in terms of external qualifiers like salary, title, weight, or awards. Better in terms of how I feel about who I am, the choices I am making, and how my actions align with my values and purpose. I really do like who I am and who God made me to be. My hope is that  2022 will be a new year, with the same me, showing up with new perspective, goals, and energy. New Year. Same Me!

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