Pursue Courageous Living.

It is time to embrace courageous living. Are you ready?

I can completely appreciate that there are fear-inducing headlines every time we turn on the news or scroll through social media. However, I’m asking you to rise above all that you see and read in order to embrace courageous living.

This is also a very timely topic as the summer wraps up and many families prepare for kids to return to school. Each new school year comes with a season of adjusting; from new teachers and friends to new material in the classroom. Pair this with the uncertainty of the economy and global conflicts and we have a recipe for worry and fear. 

Unfortunately, worry and fear often cause us to live overly cautious lives that lack joy. When fear is at the core of our decision making process or wrapped around our experiences they become weighty. Instead of enjoying the journey of life we walk around feeling weighed down. Therefore, it is time we fight back and strive for courageous living!

What is Courageous Living?

What does courageous living look like? It can mean trying a new hobby or skill – like joining a new club. Courageous living means making new friends and feeling comfortable interacting with others in authentic and wholehearted ways. When you choose courage you also are willing to share your ideas with your colleagues. It welcomes innovation, great ideas, and a positive path forward!

Courage is also choosing to be concerned about the hard things going on in this world but not being consumed by them. There is no issue being an educated and aware global citizen, but when the headlines and saturation of bad news encroach on your mental health, that is a problem. If you are in this place, I urge you to consider how you can consume less of this type of information and guard your mind. Put boundaries in place to protect yourself and to promote courage.

While we may have to choose courage in very specific situations, there are also ways we can start to condition ourselves to be generally courageous people. 

Reframe Your Thinking

The battle for courage begins in the six inches between our ears! First off, focus on all that can go right, not all that can go wrong. Our human default seems to be gloom and doom. It is easy to play the “what if” game and allow ourselves to explore all the negative possibilities. I challenge you to use that mental energy for imagining all that could go right! Start training your mind to be more inclusive of possibilities and open to the good that can come your way.

Embrace a Growth Mindset

Remind yourself that you have overcome hard things in the past, and you can do it again! This leans into a growth mindset and helps reframe the challenges you are facing. Remember that all new things start  hard before they get easier and you can do hard things! These mantras and intentional thought patterns can help you navigate healthy new challenges and changes. There are Facebook pages and Instagram accounts that share growth mindset ideas and information. Follow them, so that your feeds are filled with reminders of the growth mindset mentality.

Seek Support 

If you feel yourself struggling to fight fear, surround yourself with support! You can use informal resources, like friends or family as a sounding board. They can be a great place to start with processing!

However, if you find that your anxieties are impacting your life and those around you, get the help of a professional. It is so important to seek the care you need whether it is for your physical health or mental health. You are worth it and wonderful, take good care of yourself!

Courage Helps You Enjoy the Journey!

This all matters because you get one shot at this thing called life – do not let fear take one more inch as you journey through life. Fear can silence your hopes and dreams. It can rob you of the ability to enjoy exciting new opportunities or change. Intentionally push back and boldly pursue courage. 

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