Reflecting on 6 Months of Worth It & Wonderful

Worth it and Wonderful has been out in the wild for 6 months! Wow! 

It has been such a fun and special journey to see a 4-year dream come true. More than that, it has been beautiful to see the way that my book has been able to bless other women. One of my favorite things has been when I get a text message or DM on social media with a portion of my book highlighted and an accompanying message about how deeply they needed the words within my book. Amazing! Truly, all glory to God for allowing my words to be used as a means of pointing other women back to Him.

It still doesn’t get old to read through reviews and hear the parts of my book that resonate most with others. A fun surprise has been the number of men who have read Worth It & Wonderful and find it to be encouraging and inspiring, too.

The book launch party in January was a complete blast and very emotional for me! I shed many tears of joy as friends new and old came to commemorate the launch and to celebrate the significance of my publishing dream coming true.

Book Tour Fun!

I often get asked about my “book tour” and what that looks like. It has been fun! I’ve been able to join several amazing podcasts and radio shows like A Million Praying Moms, Inspiration Ministries, A Woman’s Heart, and “Voices in my Head” with Rick Lee James. I also joined my friends at WDBJ7 for the live announcement and even got to Zoom in to Reno, NV to tell their community about my book alongside my sweet friend and journalist, Katey Roshetko. There was also an opportunity to Zoom into a Texas-based TV show to be on LIFEToday Live!

There was also a special trip up to Pittsburgh to be live on Cornerstone Network during their flagship program, Hope for Today. My dad joined me for this road trip and we made special memories along the way (from snacking on sour gummy worms to visiting the New River Gorge).

A Special Recognition

Then there was my Graduate Studies Hooding Ceremony when the Dean of the Graduate School honored me by sharing about my book and work with New Hope Girls from the podium, in a coliseum full of graduates and their families. I was rendered speechless and saturated with gratitude. Also – I’m rejoicing that after 4 years I have earned my Master’s!!!!

Coming Together

Another favorite part of the book journey was getting to see it used as part of a women’s small group within my local community. They joined together weekly for prayer, encouragement, and reflections as they read Worth it & Wonderful. I now have a free downloadable group guide to help make these book clubs, small groups, & growth groups even more intentional.

Women reading Worth it and Wonderful in a small group meeting

It has been 6 months full of special conversations, opportunities to encourage, and rich relational connections.

As we move past the first 6 months of Worth It & Wonderful I am working closely with my publishing team and literary agent to continue to share this message of encouragement that I earnestly believe women need to hear! Here’s how you can help:

I also regularly get asked, “What’s next?” While I don’t have a specific answer I can tell you that I will continue to faithfully follow God’s leadership in my life and embrace the many adventures I am sure He still has in store for me.

Reflecting with Gratitude

As I reflect on the Worth It & Wonderful milestone I need to conclude with this: THANK YOU! I am full of gratitude for each person who has offered a kind word, asked about my book, bought it, shared a copy with a friend, posted about it, reviewed the book, prayed for me, and made me feel celebrated. You are a beautiful and bright blessing in my life – I am so grateful!

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