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Parenting + Family

Preparing to go Back to School

This blog is a companion piece to a recent media engagement with WDBJ7, Montgomery County parenting blogger shares advice for starting the school year off strong. As a family we have navigated the disappointment of an abruptly cut-short school year. We have weathered the realities of missing our cousins, friends and extended family. We experienced …

Parenting + Family

Squeeze in Summer Education

Recently, I was excited to have the opportunity to go on WDBJ7 and share insight about how my family has navigated these challenging and unprecedented times. The response to my media feature left me amazed, humbled and energized. It prompted so many wonderful conversations and inspired me with new ideas for topics to write about. …

Intentional Living

Simply Me.

Life causes all of us to lose ourselves. Be it the stress, pressure and activities of everyday living or perhaps the impact of a global pandemic. From time-to-time, we must actively fight to return to our self — our true self.