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Leadership + Career

Information — Not Insult

I’ll never forget the day that my leadership coach made my cohort of young professionals practice the art and science of giving and receiving feedback. This was a few years back, when I was c-level executive at Polymer Solutions. We had to stand up, walk around the room, look each cohort-member in the eye and …

journal with writing, "Go on and iterate"
Intentional Living Leadership + Career


I’m an unapologetic bookworm and a word geek. When I write I consider it painting with words. I genuinely delight in thinking about (and over thinking about) the meaning, implication and impact of words. For me, writing is very much a blend of form and function.  Much to my bemusement, I recently learned from a …

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Work From Home — while parenting!

Working from home while simultaneously mothering is simply not easy. There is no denying it is full of competing priorities, a constant pull between roles and moments of exponential frustration. As I worked from home over the last few months I swapped stories with other “WFH” moms who expressed feeling chronically overwhelmed and as if …

Leadership + Career

Blurred Lines.

Your personal brand will show up to the workplace but also has a life outside of it. Your brand is who you are known to be and how others experience you.

Is it too late to dream big?
Leadership + Career

Too late to be a talk show host?

Is it too late to be a talk show host? I’m asking for a friend. Okay… I am that friend! In all seriousness, I recently had the opportunity to conduct a series of interview-based videos for my job. The goal was to share practical information while also showing the warmth and supportive nature of our …

Leadership + Career

A Sticker Story

My laptop has been with me through a lot of distinct roles, across my varied career. My stickers are silent storytellers about the meaningful journey I have experienced.

Leadership + Career Parenting + Family

Swap Your Sorry

I was recently hanging out over Zoom with two friends I really enjoy and deeply respect. As we talked about everything and nothing, genuinely appreciating our time together, we naturally drifted to discussions of our kiddos and parenting challenges. Specifically, we mused over what it is like to parent brilliant, beautiful, and curious little girls.  …