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Intentional Living

6 Things I’ve Realized in My First 60 Days

My first 60-days with New Hope Girls has nearly lapsed. Wow, what a beautiful journey these last two months have been. Although, if I am being honest (which I am), I feel like I have been with them forever. I have been connected to our organization for about 4 years, in some capacity. But this …

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Intentional Living

Paper Mate Flair Friends

Your next great friendship + adventure may be just around the corner. So what do you need to do? Show up unapologetically authentic. This is a story about what happened when I did exactly that.

Joy + Gratitude

Be Our Voice.

When I left law enforcement to pursue a career in marketing and communications I was concerned that I had left my calling and would never find work that was as deeply satisfying. I was wrong. This journal excerpt and reflection underscores how we can all find ways to use our gifts and talents for good.