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  • Pursue Courageous Living.

    Pursue Courageous Living.

    Do not let fear take one more inch as you journey through life. Intentionally push back and boldly pursue courageous living!

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  • New Year. Same Me.

    New Year. Same Me.

    There is no need to completely revisit who you are as one calendar year changes to the next. Focus on new perspective, energy, and goals but enjoy being the “same you.”

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  • Bittersweet Like a Blackberry

    Bittersweet Like a Blackberry

    We are all messy. Each and every one of us. While my chosen paradigm is one that chooses to look past the thorns to celebrate the berry, there is also a need to acknowledge our challenges, hurts, frustrations and hang ups. Owning our humanity can be incredibly humbling but there is also a beautiful freedom…

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  • Transformed with Confidence

    Transformed with Confidence

    Change is tough but so are you. Consider these practical takeaways and anecdotes that will encourage you during a season of reinvention.

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  • Dream Beyond the Wardrobe

    Dream Beyond the Wardrobe

    There is more than enough “adulting” to squash the biggest and most beautiful dreams – if you let it. Fight for your dreams.

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  • I need you.

    I need you.

    I need you to stop being so mean to yourself. If you are like me, you are good at allowing an unkind inner-dialogue to take root in your thought life. Perhaps it is prompted by a mistake or a quest for perfection but the reality is we are all too quick to cut ourselves down. …

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  • Information — Not Insult

    Information — Not Insult

    I’ll never forget the day that my leadership coach made my cohort of young professionals practice the art and science of giving and receiving feedback. This was a few years back, when I was c-level executive at Polymer Solutions. We had to stand up, walk around the room, look each cohort-member in the eye and…

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  • Strong & Vulnerable

    Strong & Vulnerable

    You serve no one well by holding tightly to your challenges. In your vulnerability, you will step into a beautiful paradox of strength.

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  • How do you fight mom guilt?

    How do you fight mom guilt?

    We feel guilty for what we do.  We feel guilty for what we don’t do.  We feel guilty for how we feel.  And, if we manage to not have strong feelings on an issue, we can even find a way to feel guilty for how we don’t feel.  Mom guilt is flexible in its applications…

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  • Iteration


    I’m an unapologetic bookworm and a word geek. When I write I consider it painting with words. I genuinely delight in thinking about (and over thinking about) the meaning, implication and impact of words. For me, writing is very much a blend of form and function.  Much to my bemusement, I recently learned from a…

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  • What’s your perspective?

    What’s your perspective?

    Is the glass half full or half empty? Is it a challenge or an opportunity? Much of life’s circumstances are defined by how we frame them and what we allow ourselves to see! In this excerpt, from a recent webinar I provided, I discuss and explore how we can reframe our circumstances to not just…

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  • The Show Must Go On!

    The Show Must Go On!

    When do we stop believing in the beauty of our dreams? What was your big idea that slowly slipped away? It is time to dream again!

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  • Shine On.

    Shine On.

    When you are at your very best, maximizing on the ways you have been uniquely gifted, you will shine.

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