The Show Must Go On!


My kids love to put on a show. A really good show.

They will each pick a song, choreograph a dance, come up with costumes, create tickets and prepare to perform. They even use our Christmas lights to turn our living room into a disco-delight. Peyton tends to favor musical-style songs; The Greatest Showman or Frozen II are two of his current favorites. Harper has transitioned into more of a pop vibe and favors Selena Gomez or Taylor Swift hits. 

I love how unashamedly they pursue big ideas. I LOVE the unique creativity of kids. 

It is immersive, all encompassing and takes hold of them. When they get a big idea, a really big idea, it is all they can think about. They have the urging to bring the idea to life. To watch it take form, grow legs, develop an identity and enter into the world. As a parent, one of my greatest joys is having a front row seat for their big ideas and creative expressions. Their imaginations amaze me and their inventiveness astounds me.

It is time that we allow ourselves to put on a show – a really good show! It may not involve Frozen II or disco lights but we can certainly allow our ideas to thrive. 

For those big ideas, I mean really big ideas, start writing it out and thinking through what it will take to make it a reality. How can you break your dream down into bite sized pieces that you can start actively consuming? 

For my kids it is picking a song, designing the tickets, and thinking through the placement of their disco lights. Little by little they create all the elements needed for their major production.

For you or me, it could be journaling about the big idea to more clearly define it. Or perhaps, you need to spend time talking with a friend to get an outside perspective on how to define and shape your dream. You can also read online articles, watch YouTube videos or order a good ol’ fashioned book that will provide fuel to the fire of your dreams. I love reading how other people have been successful in areas that I have interest in or dreams.

I have realized one critical way I give my ideas life is by intentionally pursuing quiet margin in my days. I find this time usually around 5:30 in the morning before my kids wake and the demands of the day start. In this whitespace I’m able to spend time with myself in a glorious exploration of the ideas that have been swirling around in my mind. 

I also love to connect with friends who are generous with their feedback and perspective. I regularly refer to these folks as my “balcony people.” They are the ones who are sitting up front, leaning in and watching my life unfold. They know me best and bring valuable perspective and insight. Maybe you need to reconnect with your balcony people and see what they have to say about your big idea? 

I do know this, our kids don’t censor themselves or tell themselves the idea is out of reach like we do. They are not bound by the practical and still make time to let their minds explore what’s possible. And, then they have the innocent audacity to turn on the music, hit the lights, and lose themselves. 

Lose yourself in the beauty of your dreams. What is your big idea you have been saving for later? What possibilities have been swirling in your mind? It is time for the show to go on. 

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