TEDx VCU | 3 Years Later

Thanks to my Facebook time hop I was notified that three years ago today I was on the stage at TEDx VCU, fulfilling a dream to deliver such a talk. It was incredibly surreal to see that memory pop up and caused me to pause and reflect on all that has transpired in three years.

Three years ago I was on the cusp of going all-in with my business, Blue Mobius Marketing. I felt anticipation and possibility but wasn’t sure how it would all shape out or look. I feel like I’m back on that stage in so many ways.

At this present season I feel greatness brewing and I know three years from now my life will look much different than where I stand today. It is so important we reflect on these snapshots to gauge growth and recalibrate our future trajectory, as necessary.

In terms of how I feel about my talk, with time to reflect, I still stand by the heart of my message. It is part of my truth I have consistently lived over the years. The only pivot I would make is to the word fearlessly. If I had that moment to do over I would likely swap it for courageously or audaciously! I no longer see fear as a choice but I do see our response as very much within our agency.

So there you have it! Reflections on a talk that was landmark in my life and represented so much in one moment!

And for the record, while I may not still those sassy bangs, I do still own (and wear!) the yellow suit coat.

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