My parents are fabulously fun to follow on Instagram! I have my notifications set such that as soon as they post I get a ding, so I can go check out their wit or catch the latest moment they are enjoying, usually together. 

My dad has a running series that is both amusing and thought provoking. He seeks out examples of #stubborn in a variety of places. Interestingly enough, he has never shared a photo of me as part of that series but I know it is just a matter of time! My stubborn undertones are most certainly something I inherited from him. 

Being stubborn can come with a negative connotation. When I refer to a battle of wills with one of my children I am typically describing it as negative. However, dad’s images of stubbornness are helping me reimagine a word that is so often a critique rather than a compliment. 

Stubborn is also stick-to-it-tiveness. It is also the ability to rise, overcome and persevere without faltering.

Like a little flower emerging from a rocky facade, seemingly absent of fertile soil, we too can be stubborn in all the right ways.

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