“Wox Academy”

Today is Day 1 of a new reality of for our family, and so many families across the country. We are navigating the unknown as we balance a widespread school closure with the inability to have get togethers, with the overlay of two working parents who must still show up.

There are undeniably stressors within the current situation we all find ourselves in. But there are also opportunities.

Instead of choosing frustration I’m willing myself to choose gratitude. The reality that I have a job that will allow for some measure of teleworking is huge! There are so many who do not have this options.

I’m also choosing to see this as an opportunity for fun! The kids and I have had several conversations about how we are going to make the next two weeks a really fun time for all of us. I recognize it is up to me to set the tone for how our time together will evolve and feel.

With that in mind, my first step was creating hype around our at-home experience. I decided our school needed a name, something that would give them a sense of ownership and buy-in. I asked them to brainstorm names and I brokered a discussion as they narrowed down the options. The end result?

Wox Academy

Do you get it? Wolf + fox + wox! Funny, they spent more time arguing over discussing if the second part of the name should be academy, school, elementary or primary. Finally, I broke the debate and weighed in.

My goal with Wox Academy is to structure our time so there are dedicated and focused moments for learning and structured education. I’m going to balance that time with self-led moments that they can discover and learn while I get work done.

It will not be easy but I truly hope that these next two weeks are full of blessings, bright spots and increased closeness between our immediate family. I’ll promise to update about Wox Academy, the good and the bad, as this all evolves.

I’d love to know — how are you strategically approaching the next two weeks?

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