10 Episodes of Mornin’ Motivations!

It doesn’t seem possible that 10 episodes of Mornin’ Motivations have come and gone! It is my sincere hope that these news segments have been a bright spot for Southwest Virginia – and beyond. They have certainly been a bright spot for me!

There have been episodes where we spoke about prioritizing gratitude. We’ve sipped coffee and talked about the importance of serving others. I even brought in sour gummy worms for a segment about the silly little things that make our worlds a happier place.

In contrast, we’ve covered tough topics like how to navigate grief.

We’ve discussed how we can simplify our schedules and live with more margin in our days. One of my favorites – and a fan favorite – was when we welcomed 2022 by establishing our “word of the year.”

Caitlyn Scaggs on Mornin' Motivations Set

How it Began

Thinking back to the beginning of the segment makes my face stretch into a smile. I love how God has a way of swirling things together – putting pieces in place long before we have any clue what is transpiring before our very eyes.

When Covid-19 prompted the closure of local schools I found myself simultaneously mothering, teaching, and working from home. I know this was the reality so many parents experienced!

During this challenging season I was stubborn in my resolve to make it wonderful – even if it was far from perfect. I started posting to Instagram about all the silly things I was doing with my kids to maximize on our time at home together.

Photo of news story featuring Caitlyn Scaggs

One local reporter, Katey Roshetko, saw my Instagram stories and invited me to do a news story. The goal of the first story was to show how our family was navigating pandemic-living. Little did I know, that was just the beginning….

Playing Talk Show Hostess

The first story aired and I loved the experience! But life kept plugging along – I didn’t think much of it. Not until later that summer when my job with a local university resulted in me playing “hostess” for a video series. I served in a talk show host capacity and got to interview and interact with a variety of smart and passionate people. In that role, I felt my best self showing up.

Caitlyn Scaggs serving as a talk show host
I loved playing Talk Show Hostess!

I loved the experience so much I drafted a blog, entitled, “Too late to be a talk show host?” It was a half joking/half serious post that explored the timeless power of our dreams. It was also me teasing out an inkling – feeling barely brave enough to admit I really wanted consistent on-camera engagements in my future.

As this inkling evolved, I began to appear more and more as a “lifestyle blogger” and “mommy blogger.” Things would come up – reporters would reach out. Like chatting about our plans to head back to school as the pandemic realities continued on. I became increasingly comfortable on camera. I loved the experience of it all and equally loved the opportunity for impact.

Changing Seasons and Fresh Opportunities

When I left my role at the university to begin my work for New Hope Girls, I realized I had a chance to consider what my local platform could look like. I wondered how I might intentionally appear on camera in planned and consistent ways. I was eager – eyes wide open – ready for more!

Caitlyn Scaggs and Katey Roshetko
My friend, Katey Roshetko!

Remember Katey?

Remember Katey? Well, from that first news segment a friendship was born! As we spent time together, she and I began to dream about what could be possible. We both felt an urge to use our voices for uplifting and positive messages. What began as a confusing, swirling dream began to take form. Others joined our thinking and dreaming. Before we knew it, Mornin’ Motivations was born!

I can still remember our energy and excitement for that first segment in September 2021. We spoke about how to navigate grief, leaning into love. I was nervous, giddy, and grateful for an opportunity to show up on camera as my most authentic self. Katey made it easy and seamless and a great experience. After, we recorded an Instagram video – where we were literally bouncing with excitement – because knew something magical had just happened.

Katey has since moved on to a new career adventure but Kimberly, Brandi and I have kept the segment alive and thriving!

I love the process of coming up with our topics, considering the most important points, and collaborating for the sake of good news! It is also funny to show up and inevitably see how our outfits somehow match – never planned – but it happens almost every time!

The team at WDBJ7 are amazing people – from those you see on camera to the team producing and making everyone on camera look good! Getting to see them twice a month fills my cup!

Reflecting with Gratitude, Eager for Additional Impact

I began this blog with a deeply rooted belief that speaking words of encouragement matters. I am grateful for how Mornin’ Motivations is serving as an extension of that belief.

It is my sincere hope that the conversations we have will be a blessing to Southwest Virginia – and far beyond. I hope they will help each viewer feel a little bit more empowered to live a bold life – marked by intention, courage, and gratitude.

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