Social Distance from Facebook

In our current climate of social distancing it most immediately refers to how we are staying at home and when necessary to be around others, we are keeping adequate physical distance between ourselves. I have found an additional layer of social distancing that is necessary for me, as I work to stay emotionally well in an unprecedented period of time, that is saturated with the unknown.

I’m taking a low key break from Facebook.

It isn’t ruthless or absolute. Work requires me to check into Facebook incrementally. But it does mean I’ve logged out of the app on my phone, which means every time I want to check in, I have to take extra actions in order to do so. Desktop is still an option, such that when I am working it is easily accessible, but my temptation to quickly check in for “fun” has been non-existence. Letting go of Facebook during these unprecedented times has been liberating.

This isn’t about extremism or making a statement, it is about taking intentional steps to ensure I’m as healthy as possible. Prior to this social media distancing I found myself being weighed down by the emotional rollercoaster that was my feed. Some posts were presenting gloom and doom, worst case scenario. Others were belittling those taking the Coronavirus serious and chastising them for displaying fear and panic. Others were rants from people about the absence of toilet paper on grocery store shelves. It dawned on me that the information I was viewing was producing such consistently negative emotions that it was not serving me well. It was time to act and create space between me and the thing that was threatening my emotional well-being.

In sharp contrast to my experience on Facebook, I’m enjoying Instagram extra these days! One great outcome has been the conversations and connections forged via Instagram stories. It has been a launching pad for reconnecting with old friends and swapping mom-realities with others. I’m appreciative and grateful that in a time of social distancing, Instagram is a platform bringing out the best relationally.

I am taking ownership of my role in navigating this pandemic in the most balanced and healthy way possible. Releasing the negativity of Facebook and choosing to hold onto what’s good was a major step in that direction!

In what ways are you pursuing what is good and healthy? Do you need to release any behaviors, habits or apps that are weighing you down?

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