For such a time as this.

When my mom called that day I knew she had her perfect rendition of “Happy Birthday” locked and loaded. However, when she heard the tears in my voice she immediately abandoned the song and simply listened. I shared how overwhelmed, frustrated and heavy I was feeling at that moment. How the stress was ever present and weighty. I wondered how long I could keep up under the layers and layers that seemed to relentlessly come my way. The global pandemic, unrest within our country, general life stresses and challenges – it was feeling heavy. I will always remember her next words, “But Caitlyn, don’t forget you were born into a crisis.”


Something about those words snapped me to attention and brought me out of my pity party and to a place of being able to listen attentively. 

My mom explained that over three decades ago, as she labored with me, there was a moment that they lost my heartbeat — it went to zero. She said that the medical staff literally came running, pouring into her room, they immediately opted for an emergency c-section and my mom was placed under general anesthesia. As my mom was on her way “out” she remembered the doctor grabbing my dad by both shoulders and saying, “Your wife and baby will be okay.” And we were.

Mom remembers waking from the most perfect and peaceful nap of her life (to this day she still says it was her best nap!) and hearing, “Cindy, you have a beautiful baby girl.” I was okay. She was okay. We survived the crisis together.

It was the inaugural crisis within my life with many more to follow!

My first career was in law enforcement — a profession riddled with crisis, high-stress and intensity. 

A short time later, I owned my own business — a position that often leads to stressful “crisis-like” feelings, high-stakes and high-pressure moments. 

And now, I serve as a spokesperson at Radford University and am required to provide commentary on a variety of issues — some of which are a true crisis. 

But remember, I was born into a crisis. I was made to weather challenging moments.

I can handle the tough stuff.

Since moving forward from my first breaths in that operating room I have navigated many more additional crises. Something about her reminder that my first breath was taken in a room full of controlled chaos gives me strange comfort. From my first day of life on my own, I was ready for whatever life would throw my way. It does not mean it will feel easy nor does it mean it will come without anxieties, but I do know I will be okay. 

I love how storytelling, remembering when, and a fresh look at a situation can bring about insight and clarity. Mom has told me more than once how my heart stopped and she had an emergency c-section. Her framing this time around at this point in my life hit me differently. It hit me in just the right way at the right time.

Your entry into this world may have been a little less dramatic than mine. But, have you considered that you were also born for such a time as this? Reflect on the story of your life and consider the most challenging experiences and periods that you have already weathered. You have done it before and without question, you can do it again! Allow storytelling within your own life to frame your success and ability to be an overcomer. Remember when…

With fresh resolve I take a deep breath and fully lean into the truth that, “Perhaps you were born for such a time as this” (Esther 4:14).  This story nestled within scripture is a reminder that we can do hard things and God’s timing is always perfect. I don’t believe in coincidences, happy accidents or serendipitous timing. I believe in purpose and providence. 

I am confident that I was created for such a time as this.

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  1. Steve Avatar

    Inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

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