Measured: My Word of the Year

New Year’s Resolutions aren’t really my thing. I do love reflecting (hello, my blog is all about reflections!) but I don’t think that come January 1 there is some magic line in the sand that provides an entirely clean slate. Habits, heartache, frustrations and angst carry over from December 31 to January 1. As do, gifts, talents, experiences and opportunities. While I don’t carefully craft a list of dos and don’ts for the new year, I do like to take the holiday season, and the beautiful pause it offers, as a natural reason to consider how I may want things to evolve differently in the coming year. As a person who loves words, I often draw that inspiration from a single word that helps frame out my intention for the year. 

After much deliberation and considering a variety of words I have landed on MEASURED for the 2021 word.

measured: my word for 2021

The initial inspiration came from my husband. He is a really precise person! When he cooks, he is so exact. When he has a schedule, he follows it religiously. When there is structure built into a day, you can expect he will adhere to it. His precision is really one of his best qualities! And then there’s me. A person who craves rhythm but often feels caught up in the wave of chaos that engulfs me. Sure, part of it is the nature of a career in crisis communications. However, as I reflected on the possibilities in store for 2021, I realized I wanted to take a more active role in creating slow, regular rhythms within my daily realities.

The Regular Rhythms I Crave

To me, the word measured pairs intentionality with a calculated pace. I’ve always been a highly intentional person but unfortunately, I’ve not always been the best at pumping the breaks. This year, it is my intent and commitment to be better about the later while maintaining the former. 

This is what I crave in 2021 – a measured year. Still adventurous, exciting, and spontaneous at times. However, I want more rhythms and consistency. All the changes from Covid-19 made the year feel like I had a chaotic hum, ever present in the background. I’m over that. I want to feel like my days have room to breath and an opportunity for slow exhales. I crave more structure and consistency. I want to release myself from unfair and unrealistic expectations to always push for more. I want to just be. Still. Quiet. Measured.

I also see this word as a way to remind myself each day is a blessing to be savored. When I’m eating really good food – like a rich chocolate cake with ganache icing – I do not quickly devour it. I take each bite, experience the texture, and feel the delight on my taste buds. I want to taste and see all that is good this year (Psalm 34:8). And if I move too fast, I just may miss it.

I spent time talking about my word with my 8-year-old daughter and encouraging her to pick a word as well. I shared with her I know I have a role in deciding how 2021 is going to feel. Together, we painted a canvas in which our word is proudly displayed amongst various colors and brush strokes. I wanted us to experience the word, engage with it and truly consider how it will inform the upcoming 365 days. Not to mention, the very activity itself was a measured way to parent my little girl. We were fully present together for the experience and took our time. (Note: her word was a story in and of itself! More to come in the next blog post.)

What’s your word?

Sharing my word and casting it out into the Universe is a major step in holding myself accountable to a measured year. I’d love to offer you the same accountability – comment below or message me over Instagram to share your word for the year.

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