My BOOK is being published!

I am overjoyed to share…

My book is being published! You can now pre-order Worth it and Wonderful: Inspiration for Christian Women to Live Bravely and Boldly. It will be available January 17, 2023 but there is no reason to wait to order. Pre-Orders can be placed on Amazon or Barnes and Noble and either option is very welcome!

Worth it and Wonderful by Caitlyn Scaggs
The Heart Behind the Book

I wrote this book because I regularly find myself in conversations with other women in which I am urging them toward bold and brave living. At the core, many of their challenges are related to not fully grasping just how wonderful they really are. They are living lives marked by fear or insecurity and I know that is not the life they were created for.

My book draws from the colorful journey I’ve lived and leans into storytelling to paint pictures of what it looks like to push through the tensions we feel, to grab onto life with both hands. You’ll read tales from when I was a police officer, hear about what it was like to have melanoma while pregnant, and even get a glimpse into some of my everyday rhythms and routines. I wrote with authenticity and vulnerability, hoping that in doing so we will realize our commonalities. The stories shared are used as a backdrop for key points and takeaways.

If you are an “action item” kind of person you will be delighted to know that each chapter closes with questions that can be used as prompts for reflection. My goal is to inspire action and change that will lead to more wholehearted living. This is not a book to just be read but is a book that invites positive next-steps.  How about it? Are you going to join me on the journey?

Learnings Along the Way

This book is a dream I’ve been quietly working on for four years now. Little by little, I have been plugging away. At times, I’d put it away and forget about it for a month or two. Life would get busy or I’d get discouraged and take a break. But there has been a constant “dream hum,” a background noise that I couldn’t quiet.

Getting my book published hasn’t always been an easy or enjoyable process. The writing was – but all the other “stuff” around being traditionally published was hard – really hard! However, the beautiful thing is that God doesn’t waste a minute. Through the process I grew as a writer, my skin became thicker, and I learned the value in waiting.

The biggest lesson I learned as I wrote this book is the importance of “not now.” If this book had been accepted for publication when I first began the process it would not be nearly as strong as it is now. The book went on a journey in lockstep with the pursuit of publishing. Each rejection was an opportunity for refining and solidifying. I’m so thankful for where the journey brought me and how it helped my faith grow and the book become better.

My People 

 I am also thankful for people I’ve met along the way!

Finding a literary agent feels like a game of tag where everyone is wearing blindfolds. It is such a curious process to seek out a match that will prove beneficial to both the agent and author. I have found a great match with Linda, my agent. She and I are very different in many ways and I believe that’s why we have proven to be an effective team.

The publishing team at Church Publishing Group is dream status. I call them the “A-team,” not only because all their names start with an “A” but because I can tell they are all-in and fully committed to the success of this book and its message. Airié, the Senior Vice President of Church Publishing Group and my editor, has been a strong source of encouragement. Her conviction around the need for my book kept me fueled – especially during the final stretches of manuscript completion. Anne and Anita are lovely through and through. They graciously answer my endless questions and have educated me along the way about the nooks and crannies of the publishing world. 

How Can You Help?

I’ve been so thankful for how friends and family have asked how they can help my book succeed! There are a lot of simple ways that will have a huge impact on the success of the book.

Pre-Order It: It helps for Amazon and Barnes & Noble to see that folks are already interested in reading my book! It will ship to you January 17, 2023, the day it becomes available. If you order it in a digital format you’ll be able to read it that same day. 

Share on Social: Will you use your network to help amplify the message of this book? I hope to positively impact women far and wide with the truth found within the pages of Worth it and Wonderful. I would be so honored if you’d use your voice to amplify mine! You can find me on Instagram at @CaitlynScaggs or Boldly Pursue with Caitlyn Scaggs on Facebook.

Tell Your Friends: When you are chatting with friends, especially those who are feeling discouraged or challenged, I hope you’ll suggest my book as a resource. 

I’m sitting with an air of excitement as I consider what will happen next, as launch day approaches. I hope, above all, that this book blesses women and helps them realize more fully who they are and whose they are; that they are Worth It and Wonderful.

Kimberly McBroom and Caitlyn Scaggs announcing "Worth it and Wonderful"

PS: Huge thanks to my friends at WDBJ7 for the opportunity to make this announcement LIVE on TV today! It was incredible!

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  1. Tom England Avatar

    Congratulations Caitlyn! I’m sure this will be an impactful read for many.

    1. Caitlyn Scaggs Avatar

      Thanks, Tom! I’ve really appreciated being to give you updates as the journey has unfolded. Thank you for your encouragement along the way!

  2. Peggy Avatar

    Woo Hooo! Looking forward to reading it!

    1. Caitlyn Scaggs Avatar

      Thank you, Peggy! I can’t wait for you to read it, too.

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