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Intentional Living

I need you.

I need you to stop being so mean to yourself. If you are like me, you are good at allowing an unkind inner-dialogue to take root in your thought life. Perhaps it is prompted by a mistake or a quest for perfection but the reality is we are all too quick to cut ourselves down.  …

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Childlike Courage

“I’m scared in my gut but brave on the outside.” My 8-year-old daughter has recently developed a fear of big, booming thunderstorms. Honestly, It surprises me because she tends to be my bold and confident child. Lately when we experience a fear-inducing storm she can logically talk through why she should not be afraid of …

Intentional Living

Make the {Inner} Mean Girl Stop.

I can only hope you find friends in life that love you enough to stand up to the mean girl. No, not some mean girl at work or a mean girl that you went to high school with. I’m talking about the mean girl that lives between your ears. Your mean-spirited inner dialogue. I have …

journal with writing, "Go on and iterate"
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I’m an unapologetic bookworm and a word geek. When I write I consider it painting with words. I genuinely delight in thinking about (and over thinking about) the meaning, implication and impact of words. For me, writing is very much a blend of form and function.  Much to my bemusement, I recently learned from a …

Intentional Living

Candy Crush & A Dance Party

What do Candy Crush and a Dance Party have in common? They are both ways I connect with my kids in an intentional and special way. Meet Harper.  She is my 8-year-old going on 18-year-old, responsible and typical first born. She is wonderfully imaginative and has a complex fox-world she “lives in at night” but …

Intentional Living

Runaway Me.

Stop fleeing and determine who you are at the truest, purest level. Spend time in quiet reflection and seek margin so that you can properly consider what has been consistently true about you, over your lifetime.

Intentional Living

Simply Me.

Life causes all of us to lose ourselves. Be it the stress, pressure and activities of everyday living or perhaps the impact of a global pandemic. From time-to-time, we must actively fight to return to our self — our true self.

Intentional Living

Laughter is Needed Most

When the circumstances you are facing feel impossible to change, your ability to laugh may be what is needed most. The lighthearted opportunities are there if you are willing to lift your eyes above the challenges and recognize them.