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Intentional Living

6 Things I’ve Realized in My First 60 Days

My first 60-days with New Hope Girls has nearly lapsed. Wow, what a beautiful journey these last two months have been. Although, if I am being honest (which I am), I feel like I have been with them forever. I have been connected to our organization for about 4 years, in some capacity. But this …

Group photo of New Hope Girls women on Radford University campus
Intentional Living

How can you help?

What gifts and talents do you have that can be used to serve others? The recent New Hope Girls photoshoot is an example of happens when you are generous with your life. You will positively impact and inspire others.

Paper Mate Flair Pens Multicolor
Intentional Living

Paper Mate Flair Friends

Your next great friendship + adventure may be just around the corner. So what do you need to do? Show up unapologetically authentic. This is a story about what happened when I did exactly that.

Intentional Living

Hiding in Plain Sight.

The blessing was hiding in plain sight and I nearly missed it. How often is that the case? We walk by our blessings – see them, smell them, feel them, hear them – but never let the reality of what they represent wash over us?

Intentional Living

Wait a Minute.

Waiting is hard. Whether you are waiting a minute, a month or a year. It requires us to humble ourselves and accept – we are not in control. How can you wait well?

Intentional Living

Can you be thankful?

Thankfulness may not be a posture that our hearts are inclined to take this season. You lose nothing by choosing appreciation and gain everything by shifting your perspective into this place.

Intentional Living

I hate olives. But I love you!

My hatred for olives is unshakeable. I have tried to like them over the duration of my life; open to the possibility that taste buds can change. But alas, that has not happened. I’ve heard that pregnancies can change a woman’s food preferences but I was no such woman. I’m still over here, hating all …