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Intentional Living

6 Things I’ve Realized in My First 60 Days

My first 60-days with New Hope Girls has nearly lapsed. Wow, what a beautiful journey these last two months have been. Although, if I am being honest (which I am), I feel like I have been with them forever. I have been connected to our organization for about 4 years, in some capacity. But this …

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Work From Home — while parenting!

Working from home while simultaneously mothering is simply not easy. There is no denying it is full of competing priorities, a constant pull between roles and moments of exponential frustration. As I worked from home over the last few months I swapped stories with other “WFH” moms who expressed feeling chronically overwhelmed and as if …

Leadership + Career

Blurred Lines.

Your personal brand will show up to the workplace but also has a life outside of it. Your brand is who you are known to be and how others experience you.

Is it too late to dream big?
Leadership + Career

Too late to be a talk show host?

Is it too late to be a talk show host? I’m asking for a friend. Okay… I am that friend! In all seriousness, I recently had the opportunity to conduct a series of interview-based videos for my job. The goal was to share practical information while also showing the warmth and supportive nature of our …

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A Sticker Story

My laptop has been with me through a lot of distinct roles, across my varied career. My stickers are silent storytellers about the meaningful journey I have experienced.