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How can parents be more present and avoid digital distractions?

That was a question I was recently asked by SmartSocial.com. I was excited to contribute and provide a less-than-conventional bit of feedback. And are you surprised to learn it involves my inner child

Check out my guest commentary and see what other parents had to say!

I have found that when I come up with creative ideas and activities I’m naturally invited in with my children. It prompts me to be a present parent. I’m no longer supervising or merely parenting, I’m participating! We get lost in what we are doing and suddenly the dings and chirps of technology fade into the background, while we busy ourselves making memories. 

Re-Engage Your Inner Child

As we have been confined to our home, during the stay-at-home order within Virginia, this is even more important! We have had to think completely outside the box of the four walls of our home. As I cited in my guest blog feature, one of our most fun activities was discovering paint brushes in nature and working on masterpieces together. We’ve also made magnificent sculptures from recyclables. And, the day we turned our driveway into a life-sized Chutes and Ladders game was another immersive experience. Let’s not forget the endless dance parties we host in our kitchen or basement — complete with disco dance lights!

Why not let your inner child out to play?

The point is, be all-in, fully engaged and willing to let loose. In doing so, you will be fully present with your children. Screen time is less enticing when the entire family is enjoying fun time together. It is a gift to them and one I’m confident they will look back on well into adulthood. When they tell stories about what it was like to grow up in your home they will remember the times that you got eye-to-eye with them, rolled up your sleeves, and made a mess too!

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to tap into the simple side of life that children are so fortunate to enjoy. Don’t act your age to your detriment! Find your inner child and delight in the creative opportunities available each and every day. 

Consider how you can be fully present.

Take time to consider what will help you focus, meet each moment, and spend time focused on those who matter most. The article I was featured in has 7 other wonderful tips to consider — from turning off notifications to starting the day with a focused greeting.

2 responses to “{Guest Commentary} Present Parenting”

  1. Mary Hayes Heavener Avatar

    I lobe this – you had me hooked at disco lights dance party. Thank you for another beautifully real message we all need to hear!!

    1. Caitlyn Scaggs Avatar

      Thank you so much! We use left over projection Christmas lights and they set the disco vibes! I highly recommend 🙂

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