The Grinch Who Stole…Mail

Regardless of what date the calendar says, I am proud to drink coffee from my absolute favorite mug, which depicts none other than The Grinch himself!

I’m such a Grinch fan. One major reason is because it reaches back to my childhood when I would watch the original Grinch on TV. You know, back when we couldn’t DVR it or fast forward through commercials! It makes me happy to recall the anticipation of Christmas morning and the role iconic holiday shows had in that process.  

When I reflect on the story of The Grinch I love how he was redeemed in the end. He was given the opportunity to start over and accept that things could be different. But, the other element I love is how the Whos down in Whoville remained unshakable in the face of his nasty attempts to steal their Christmas joy. Their resiliency to every mean-spirited attempt to ruin Christmas remained steadfast and culminated in their beautiful song sung around the Christmas tree.

How The Grinch Stole Our Mail

This year, our family was struck by a Grinch. Instead of a green monster slinking down our chimney and stealing even crumbs too small for a mouse, someone drove around several area neighborhoods and swiped mail and packages -including our family’s mail. A couple days later, the Sheriff’s Office returned the envelopes and cards they were able to recover – one of which was missing the $5.00 bills a relative had sent our kids. Seeing our gutted mail was simply sad. There are several cards we will never get back and warm wishes we will not receive.

I’ve spent time reflecting on how someone could do something that hurts the magic of Christmas for families all throughout our cozy little town. In the end, I find myself in a place of pity rather than anger. I truly feel bad for this Grinch. The mail-theft experience was disappointing, disheartening and frustrating but in the end, it didn’t tarnish our Christmas joy. If anything, it forced us to pause and reflect with gratitude on all that Christmas means.

This year, we are all fighting Grinches who are trying to steal our Christmas. It may not be our mail that the Grinch has come to take. Your Grinch is quite possibly named Covid-19. It may also be loss, loneliness, isolation. It could be severe disappointment about 2020 goals that were left unachieved. So many Grinches are circulating this Christmas season. And yet, we all have an opportunity.

Joy in Jesus

Like the Whos down in Whoville we can join together and allow the joy of Christmas to wash over us. We can celebrate that our joy is not found in adorable Christmas cards, gifts delivered in our mailbox or any of the traditions we hold so dear. Yes, those things are wonderful and a great reflection of the spirit of the season. But, our Joy is rooted in Jesus. The beauty of the manger and the coming of Jesus is untouchable. Covid, societal unrest, fear, anxiety and even the Grinch himself can not steal the shine that was welcomed into our world that first Christmas day. 

Our family is drawing near and savoring the simple and beautiful moments that Christmas offers this year. We are relishing in the blessings that come from above and remind us of how deeply we are loved by God – so loved that we received the ultimate gift of Jesus. 

Yes, it looks different. Yes, we miss the parties and parades. But, make no mistake, we will not miss Jesus this Christmas season.

So how about it – will you refuse to allow the Grinches within your life to steal your Christmas shine?

“The first Christmas was pretty simple. It’s okay if yours is too.”

— Amy Weatherly

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