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{Guest Commentary} Present Parenting

How can parents be more present and avoid digital distractions? That was a question I was recently asked by I was excited to contribute and provide a less-than-conventional bit of feedback. And are you surprised to learn it involves my inner child?  I have found that when I come up with creative ideas and …

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Swap Your Sorry

I was recently hanging out over Zoom with two friends I really enjoy and deeply respect. As we talked about everything and nothing, genuinely appreciating our time together, we naturally drifted to discussions of our kiddos and parenting challenges. Specifically, we mused over what it is like to parent brilliant, beautiful, and curious little girls.  …

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Navigating Disappointment

The very act of walking through this surreal time in our lives will be an exercise in growth and development for each of us. And, our kids are watching! I will forever remind my kids and myself that it does not have to be perfect to be wonderful.

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“Wox Academy”

Today is Day 1 of a new reality of for our family, and so many families across the country. We are navigating the unknown as we balance a widespread school closure with the inability to have get togethers, with the overlay of two working parents who must still show up. There are undeniably stressors within …

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Frozen Inspiration

I’m currently fighting writer’s block so I decided to put on music to try to enter into a place of inspiration. As I sat here working to determine what would inspire me, I finally landed on a song from the Frozen 2 soundtrack. Yeah, that’s where I’m at in life. A Disney movie is top …