When Santa Calls…

In my 34 years of living I’ve learned a few things, and here’s one tidbit I’d like to share with you today – when Santa calls, you answer.

This Christmas season is like no other. We are all considering how to have safe but still special Christmas gatherings. Yes, Jesus is the reason for the season and in the spirit of fully celebrating his birth there are usually so many happy reasons to get together. Work parties. Family gatherings. Church events. Visiting Santa at the Mall. The list goes on and on. Many of these traditional activities that support a season characterized by delight are simply not an option. How will you still seek joy this holiday season?

My advice: When Santa calls, you answer.

My sister-in-law, who is also one of my best friends, recently told me about an opportunity to request a call from Santa. Our local rec department was facilitating the calls with the big man himself! As part of the process, parents could provide details about gift requests, rules that need to be followed, and special information about what makes their child special and unique. As soon as I saw the opportunity, I went for it. I submitted our forms and hoped it would be special.

And, wow – it was incredible! The kids were ecstatic that Santa was calling. My son was visibly amazed and my daughter was in a stunned state of awe. They laughed, jumped around, and are still talking about it days and days later. (You’re in luck, my husband captured the conversation on video – see below!)

My point in all of this Santa-Calling-Excitement: Grab onto joy with both hands this holiday season.

Remember, joy is a state of being that can – and should – transcend circumstances. We are promised things will be hard and challenges will be faced (ahem, like a global pandemic) but we are also promised that in all things, we can still have joy. Joy does not mean we are optimistic to a fault or fake a positive disposition. Rather, Joy is delight that rises above the challenges of the moment.

When you are facing the potential blessing of a joy-filled moment, embrace it. This year we didn’t see the big guy at the mall but we will forever remember and laugh about the time he called us. It is something we can always hold onto and a bright spot in a year that was all too often marked by disappointment.

I’m so glad we said yes to Santa calling but a phone call from the big guy might not be what will fill your bucket. 

What about an opportunity to have a family-dance party over zoom? Say yes.

How about decorating Gingerbread houses and having a virtual competition with your friends across the country? Say yes.

What about going to your church’s drive through hot cocoa bar and then decorating nativity-themed cookies? Say yes. (Btw – our church did this and it was SO cute! Check out these photos from the experience.).

Say yes this holiday season. Allow creative opportunities to inspire a season of joy. After all, the Christmas season truly is about the ultimate joy we could ever have hoped for. Allow your life, and your willingness to embrace the wonderful – even within the challenges – to be a reflection of the joy of Christmas.

Boldly Pursue Joy this Christmas!

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  1. Cynthia Rancourt Avatar
    Cynthia Rancourt

    Love, love, love this!!!!!!
    And, this is so true! One of the greatest gifts of Christmas traditions is seeing the joys and magic through the eyes of children!
    What a wonderful reminder we can find ways to have joy no matter what circumstances my bring!

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