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speed bump in road
Intentional Living

My Speed Bump.

Talking about our “tough stuff” is a courageous act that will help others rise. This is the story of my recently acquired “speed bump.”

Intentional Living

When it hurts.

The aches and pains of humanity are abounding. Tragedies are occurring in the lives of individuals but are also happening on national and global scales. There is plenty of sadness swirling and heartache seems to be lurking just around the corner. So what can you do? Start by allowing yourself to feel it.  As I …

Joy + Gratitude

Rebellious Joy.

I choose Rebellious Joy. A joy that chooses to stand unwavering in the face of circumstances. That’s what joy is after all, isn’t it?

Parenting + Family

Bittersweet Like a Blackberry

We are all messy. Each and every one of us. While my chosen paradigm is one that chooses to look past the thorns to celebrate the berry, there is also a need to acknowledge our challenges, hurts, frustrations and hang ups. Owning our humanity can be incredibly humbling but there is also a beautiful freedom in owning the reality that we do not have it all together. There is a blackberry bittersweetness to our humanity.

Intentional Living

Wait a Minute.

Waiting is hard. Whether you are waiting a minute, a month or a year. It requires us to humble ourselves and accept – we are not in control. How can you wait well?

Intentional Living

I need you.

I need you to stop being so mean to yourself. If you are like me, you are good at allowing an unkind inner-dialogue to take root in your thought life. Perhaps it is prompted by a mistake or a quest for perfection but the reality is we are all too quick to cut ourselves down.  …