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  • Information — Not Insult

    Information — Not Insult

    I’ll never forget the day that my leadership coach made my cohort of young professionals practice the art and science of giving and receiving feedback. This was a few years back, when I was c-level executive at Polymer Solutions. We had to stand up, walk around the room, look each cohort-member in the eye and…

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  • Make the {Inner} Mean Girl Stop.

    Make the {Inner} Mean Girl Stop.

    I can only hope you find friends in life that love you enough to stand up to the mean girl. No, not some mean girl at work or a mean girl that you went to high school with. I’m talking about the mean girl that lives between your ears. Your mean-spirited inner dialogue. I have…

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  • Strong & Vulnerable

    Strong & Vulnerable

    You serve no one well by holding tightly to your challenges. In your vulnerability, you will step into a beautiful paradox of strength.

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  • How do you fight mom guilt?

    How do you fight mom guilt?

    We feel guilty for what we do.  We feel guilty for what we don’t do.  We feel guilty for how we feel.  And, if we manage to not have strong feelings on an issue, we can even find a way to feel guilty for how we don’t feel.  Mom guilt is flexible in its applications…

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  • Iteration


    I’m an unapologetic bookworm and a word geek. When I write I consider it painting with words. I genuinely delight in thinking about (and over thinking about) the meaning, implication and impact of words. For me, writing is very much a blend of form and function.  Much to my bemusement, I recently learned from a…

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  • What’s your perspective?

    What’s your perspective?

    Is the glass half full or half empty? Is it a challenge or an opportunity? Much of life’s circumstances are defined by how we frame them and what we allow ourselves to see! In this excerpt, from a recent webinar I provided, I discuss and explore how we can reframe our circumstances to not just…

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  • The Show Must Go On!

    The Show Must Go On!

    When do we stop believing in the beauty of our dreams? What was your big idea that slowly slipped away? It is time to dream again!

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  • Simply Me.

    Simply Me.

    Life causes all of us to lose ourselves. Be it the stress, pressure and activities of everyday living or perhaps the impact of a global pandemic. From time-to-time, we must actively fight to return to our self — our true self.

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